Honoro Vera Rueda White

Category: Spanish White

This wine offers notes of orange blossom, green apples and floral aromas. A beautiful wine to sip or pair with foods like Seafood Pasta Alfredo.


Armas de Guerra Mencia

Category: Spanish Red

This red wine brings flavors of blueberries, violets and a hint of smoke to your palate. It’s an up and coming grape from Spain that pairs well with chicken and pork dishes.


Bolo Godello

Category: Spanish White

A nice white wine with aromas of honeyed citrus and mineral and tea flavors. A great wine for Caesar salads and seafood dishes.


Argiolas Costera Italian Red

Category: Cannonau Di Sardegna

The Cannonau grape gives you fantastic coffee, black cherries and mocha flavors, as well as a nice long finish. This “Blue Zone” wine pairs well with red meats.


Gaston Chiquet Brut

Category: Champagne

Yeasty bread aromas, apple and almond flavors come forward once you pop this wonderful bottle of bubbles. It’s produced by a small family owned house and pairs really well with the holidays.