Paisley & Sage Triple Sec

This liqueur is a great addition to your cocktails. It’s bittersweet flavors of orange peel are balanced by just the right amount of sweetness. At $8.98, this orange liqueur is a must have on the bar.

Grays Peak Vodka and Gin

Let’s start with the vodka: A perfect vodka for all your concoctions. Distilled 5 times, Grays Peak is charcoal-filtered to add a very smooth and rich finish. Regular price for the vodka for the 750 ml. size is $11.98. We are happy to add that this product is exclusive to Star Liquors!

Grays Peak Gin is the quintessential gin. Made with 8 botanicals, the juniper and coriander really make those gin and tonics pop. Regular price for a 750ml is $14.98. By the way… if two thirds of your cocktail is the mixer, try pairing Grays Peak with Fever Tree tonic. We have 4 different flavors of this tonic to kick that cocktail up! Once you go Fever Tree, you may never go back to any other tonic water!

Jeffers Creek Bourbon

Jeffers Creek is a bourbon- Exclusive-To-Star and one of our finest on the shelf for the money. It meets all the criteria of bourbon lovers. Rich in flavor with a unique boldness. Great to mix in cocktails and even better on the rocks. A fantastic libation for only $15.98 for the 750ml. size.